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Board Accomplishments

Megan's vision for the Beachwood City School District is for every student to feel seen, valued and respected in our schools. Megan has provided her full support of the Beachwood City School District's three focus areas of academic achievement, intercultural awareness and mental wellness. As Board President, Megan and her board colleagues prioritized community engagement and involvement, developing an elementary facilities master plan and hiring a Treasurer.

Elementary Facilities Master Plan

From May through November of 2022, the Board gathered input from a variety of stakeholders and collectively agreed upon a master plan for the district's elementary facilities. For more information, visit: Elementary Facilities Updates (

On May 2, 2023, Beachwood voters approved the $65 million bond issue to carry out the elementary facilities master plan. Community input on the design phase will begin in late summer/early fall. Stay tuned!

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New Treasurer

Michele Mills has served as the Treasurer of the Beachwood City School District for 35 years. One of the board's roles is to hire and evaluate the Superintendent and Treasurer. Earlier this year, with input from the community, staff and other stakeholders, the Board hired Matthew Brown to serve as Treasurer after Mrs. Mills' retirement in July, 2023. Click here to read more.

Striving for Educational Equity

The process for attaining educational equity is to identify each student's needs, remove barriers to success and provide resources or interventions appropriately according to the identified needs. In many ways, Megan feels that educational equity will be achieved when each student feels seen, valued and respected. The district has made great strides in this area with the creation of six affinity groups (African American, Chinese Family, Hispanic & Latino, Indian American Family, Muslim and Neurodiversity) and recognition of three holidays in our school calendar (Lunar New Year, Eid al-Fitr and Diwali).

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