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Community Voices

Megan's proven leadership has earned the support of your Beachwood friends, neighbors and leaders.

Read their testimonials below.

“I highly recommend Megan. I met her during our first stay in the United States. She was one of the people who welcomed us with great affection. She was an excellent teacher to me with her example. In Spanish we say "El ejemplo no se dice" (the example is not said) and I hope you understand the translation. With her example, I learned a lot. I remember the kids movie night to fund the Animal Protective League; her children were the leaders of that event. Amazing way to teach your kids. She is a person who does, and you see that. I invite you to vote for Megan.”

Alejandro Camargo
Parent of a Beachwood Middle School student and two Bryden students

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Alejandro & Luisa Camargo & family.jpg
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"I served with Megan on the Beachwood Board of Education in 2019 and she has proven experience as a strong leader for our school district. She does her research, asks questions and brings fresh perspectives to her role as a board member. I have two children in Beachwood Schools and absolutely want Megan helping shape their school experience."

Jamie Elwell
Former Beachwood Board of Education member and parent of BMS and BHS students

"Megan has demonstrated leadership and a commitment to thoroughly contemplated votes in the best interest of Beachwood students, staff, and the community. Megan's position in higher education further solidifies her commitment to students beyond the K-12 formative years. I respectfully encourage Beachwood voters to support Megan Walsh!"

Ella Foster
Parent of a BHS class of 2014 graduate and
BHS class of 2023 gradu

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"As a proud Beachwood public school mom of one current and one future Beachwood Bison, I am honored to endorse Megan and Josephine for Beachwood Board of Education. These women are not only strong, intelligent and extremely capable leaders, but they are also kind, supportive, and inclusive - qualities I think are an absolute must in school board members. Attacks on children for who their heart tells them to be, the anti-science agenda, and the dog whistles that appeal to people's most base instincts - the reality of the world around us dictates that we cannot be complacent. We must elect thoughtful, evidence-based leaders who will help our schools be the most effective partners with us parents as we work together to shape the minds of our children."

Rini Ghosh
Parent of a Bryden student

"I have been thoroughly impressed with Megan both personally and professionally. She has served on the school board through a very challenging pandemic environment and a formidable elementary facilities planning process. I have contacted her several times over the past few years on various issues and her responses are always incredibly thoughtful. Megan is a proven and inclusive advocate for all students. I am proud to support Megan for the school board and hope she will continue to serve for years to come."

Ashley Lanphear

Parent of Bryden and Hilltop students and
yden PTO Representative

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Yin-Mei Lim.png

"Megan has been a fantastic addition to Beachwood's Board of Education. Under her leadership, Beachwood will finally get new elementary buildings that will bring our infrastructure up to date in terms of safety, technology, and functional space. Also during her tenure as Board President, the district has added three holidays to the school calendar in order to recognize and celebrate our very diverse community. Her background as a social worker gives her empathy and insight into mental health issues, racial sensitivity, and intercultural awareness - themes that are so important in this day and age. Megan has a proven track record and we should all feel confident that our support of her will ensure that Beachwood remains a strong school district."

Yin-Mei Lim

Parent of Hilltop and BMS students and
President of the Neurodiversity Family Network 

"Megan Walsh has been a part of my Beachwood life since our boys started kindergarten together in 2018. Later the following year, I was happy to put her campaign sign in my yard, as I was impressed by her ability to work a full-time job, parent two boys, and carry on a conversation running the gamut of social injustices to how we can better support our teachers and kids, all while canvassing the Beachwood neighborhoods with a cheerful smile. She has worked tirelessly for the betterment of our schools, our teachers, and our children. Megan's empathy, intelligence, and experience are qualities that have served all of us well during her years on the school board. She was a source of comfort for me, personally, during the pandemic. I could ask her, any time of day or night, how the schools were planning to navigate that period of uncertainty and she would always answer me with honesty and candor. She is unabashedly generous with her time and attention to our community and is a good-humored presence at as many school functions as possible. Simply put, Megan shows up. I have complete confidence in Megan as a leader in our community and am proud to vote for her yet again."

Parent of Hilltop and BMS students

Sonja Molloy

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Abi Nosse Family.png

"I am delighted to express my wholehearted support for Megan Walsh's re-election to the Beachwood Board of Education. I had the privilege to work with Megan when she worked as a therapist in a CMSD high school.  I witnessed firsthand her dedication to student advocacy and efforts to remove barriers to ensure that all students had the resources needed to succeed. I have also had the privilege of witnessing Megan's steadfast efforts in our community. Megan's involvement in the development of the master facilities plan and tireless work to listen to and involve community stakeholders reflects her commitment to providing the best educational environments for our children. I am inspired by Megan's passion for creating an inclusive and supportive educational experience for our children. I firmly believe that she is the ideal candidate to serve on the Beachwood Board of Education."

Abi Nosse
Parent of a Bryden student, Hilltop student and 2016 BHS graduate

"As Board President, Megan led our district by earning broad community support for the building of two new elementary schools that will set our district up for continued success. Megan’s dedication to the growth and well-being of our children is evident in her tireless work. Most importantly, her efforts with Board colleagues and school administrators to create a district that prioritizes equity and embraces our diversity will create a stronger Beachwood for generations to come."

Parent of Bryden and Fairmount students and former Beachwood City Councilperson 

James Pasch

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Pete Smith.png

"It’s no secret that American school districts are currently grappling with a variety of unprecedented challenges. To meet those challenges, we need leaders who are unafraid to address long-standing as well as unforeseen issues while remaining steadfastly optimistic about future possibilities. My interactions with Megan over the years have revealed her to be such a leader. Megan Walsh possesses the intellect, courage and empathy required to shape a forward-thinking district. I endorse her candidacy without hesitation."

Peter Smith

Parent of 2015 and 2018 BHS graduates

"Megan represents everything that we want and need in a school board member, because she cares. She cares about education, equity, our community, finances and most importantly, our kids! While working with Megan as a board colleague, she was always collaborative and strived for complete transparency, both of which are even more essential and important to the public today. Keep our school board strong by voting for Megan Walsh."

Dr. Brian Weiss

Graduate of BHS, former Beachwood Board of Education member of 17 years, parent of BHS graduates from the classes of 2004, 2008, 2009, 2011

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Brian Weiss.png

Wendy Leatherberry, Board Member

“I am honored to serve on the Board of Education with Josephine Chan and Megan Walsh. Each of them brings a unique perspective and is a skilled listener. Both Josephine and Megan work hard to hear from our community and always aim to ensure all of our students, families, staff and community members are well-served by our schools. The number one priority, of course, is always our students. I urge all Beachwood community members to for Josephine Chan and Megan Walsh this November."

Kim Allamby,

Board Member

"I strongly support Megan and Josephine's reelection to the Beachwood Board of Education. As Board President, Megan leads with integrity and compassion. Josephine has been an insightful and ardent champion for our students. Both are deeply committed to ensuring educational excellence for all of our students. They are the right choice for Beachwood, our families and our children."

Jillian DeLong,

Board Vice President

“Megan Walsh and Josephine Chan are true leaders in the community who will always base decisions on the core values of academic achievement, intercultural awareness, and mental wellness. Over the past several years the schools have celebrated major milestones under their leadership that will positively impact generations to come.”


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